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Beware of the self-proclaimed gods of deflect, two towering figures whose wrathful retribution is unmatched and unyielding!

By Geezt
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for TABS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.16
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Preferred version: 1.1.2


Deflect Gods

Adding 2 unit specialized in deflection, worthy of title called Deflect God!

You can find them in the Secret and Evil Fantasy factions.


Unit Description
Bastion An abandoned castle has been given life transmutation by an unknown mage at an attempt to tamper with the secret of life. Having the personality of a castle, its highly territorial and massive in scale, having immense size, protection and brute force strength more than a mere giant. It always carries a giant gate which acts as shield, having formidably great size and arduous materials. The gate itself was enchanted by a magical sacrifical rite, making it fully block any incoming attacks and projectiles!

Bringing it down needs a truly proper plan of strategy, as it is a danger to reckon heavily, a literal walking castle!
Godslayer Ambition of wrath taken form, blade in hands, bring forth eternal damnation. Its null-edge swords is sharp enough to kill you 1000 times! Even without touching, its sharp aura slices units aparts like a beast talon. Having the knowledge of ancient and unknown swords artistry, he swirls his swords easily to hit as much target at once like a scythe!

At the center of his soul lies infernal pyre, capable of deflecting and blocking attacks directly. Reincarnated and duty-bound from the mistake of a forgotten False God. Stuck on cycle of conflict and grief, he's determined to SEEK, DESTROY, AND CONQUER!


Mod is created and managed by Geezt Jeez.

Built using SFT as a foundation.



  • Upgraded all units design.
  • Changed mod descriptions.
  • Removed mod loading delay.
  • Fixed sounds and vocal issues.
  • Added more mass to both of the units.
  • Improved some stats to be more balanced.
  • Renamed Deflect Bastion to Bastion.
  • Renamed all items and added icons for them.
  • For someone named, Godslayer, he's not too great at doing his jobs, buffed his damage, mobility and offense even more!
  • Optimized resources and code blocks.


  • Added a new unit called Godslayer!
  • Mod is renamed to be called DeflectGods instead of DeflectShieldGod, the old version is now deprecated.
  • Fixed to be compatible with the new TABS update.
  • Now uses SLMACore to load faster.


  • .dll isn't updated, so now it is updated.


  • Fixed Deflect Bastion deflection ability not working properly.
  • Changed some shield scales for visual reasons.


  • New custom icon for Deflect Bastion.
  • Improved Deflect Bastion on all sides.
  • The cost of Deflect Bastion has been changed.
  • The description of Deflect Bastion has been changed.
  • Changed the Shield to a Tower Shield instead of a Ballistic Shield.
  • Instead of being in its faction, Deflect Bastion now moved to a Secret faction!
  • Removed Green health bar from Deflect Bastion due to it being non-related to the theme.
  • Improved mod-page description to be more appealing to look at.
  • Removed unused old File Resources.
  • All items are now UC-compatible!


  • Changed name from Deflector to Deflect Bastion.
  • Changed some stuff for Deflect Bastion.
  • Revamped mod description to be tidier.


  • Added Green health bar for Deflector.
  • The size multiplier changed to a maximal 1.9 and a minimal 1.8.


  • The price is revamped to 80000 instead of 8000.
  • Changed the Deflector Shield to Metal Material instead of normal grey.
  • A customized voice for Deflect Shield God.


  • The missing deflection and parry ability are now added.
  • Custom Deflection is now bigger than usual.


  • Added Deflector Faction and Added Deflect Shield God unit.
  • Changed the Deflect Shield God Attributes.

Available versions

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2023-4-8 1.0.9 10422 Version 1.0.9 Install
2022-12-5 1.0.8 8777 Version 1.0.8 Install