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Expansionary! Adding more Factions and Units to your TABS for additional strategy!

By Geezt
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for TABS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.16
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Preferred version: 1.0.3



This mod requires SLMACore from Thunderstore ❗ ❗

EXPANSIONARY is a mod that adds a faction with units that will be updated from time to time, depending on the idea that seems interesting or fitting to be implemented and playable to be added to your faction armament.

Additions 💬


Water, Sand, and Rock, the natural phenomena untouched by the masses, hold many mysteries and dangers that lie beyond what eyes could meet.

Unit Description
Titanoboa Slithers and evolved to hunts and bite anything in it's path, even if their prey is bigger than themself.
Fisherman Naturally in a pond, this dude can reel something even bigger than a fish, and aren't afraid to use his own prey as his flail. But his kick is really a wonder of today.
Totem Strange statue that gave anyone who admires it an adrenaline rush, almost as if your skills speed are increased, it covers large area but immobile and useless without followers. Though it looks kinda sussy not gonna lie.
Conjurer A wanderer from farland. With ability to conjures an earthly spirit who locks on her enemy and mercilessly swing them around like papers.
Succubus Kiss and Hiss, and now her enemy becomes her friend, if you want to face her, the less allies you bring will definitely benefits you, or you'll end up lured by her soon or being betrayed shamelessly.
Wayang Is it a human? A corpse? A living being? The look on its face certainly tells you it's intention is not friendly and the dual sword absolutely shines the path it take as fast it could reach.
Vulcan Imperator A volcano taking its humanoid form, brings fertility and fortune but fiery tragedy to whoever dares to accompany it. Taking down these unreplacable manifestor need a formidable strategy.

Great Forest

Plants and Bugs rule this dense territory, thorns and spikes are coarse in every place. One could hear a growling roar and scratching of a never before the seen beast.

Unit Description
Elven These natural inhibitors of the forest guard their place with strick rule. There's a rumor said that their sword heals those who are allied with themself and damage those who against them.
Forest Archer Same kind with the Elfs, these folks gather nearby materials and using a very special and bouncy fruits as their choice of arrow.
Bug Fanatic a Deranged human gone feral, they befriended critters who lives inside a moss, making them as their own over protective friendlings, unknowingly ignoring the fact that the maniac just carries their homes.
Ghoul Locals considered it as the guardian of the forest, it's calm yet strick forceful nature resembles the creepiness of the deep.
Druid A deity of a jungle fated into a wasteland, this wraith will not hesitate to turn those who defies it to a sludge! (45% chance) Which can be used as an obstacle that might benefit himself and teammates in battle.

Primeval Kingdom

Old abandoned castle in the plain of ancestral reminiscence, a feel of powerful dusted imagery of a once-proud standing monarchy.

Unit Description
Thronekeeper Ussually found near a kingless throne. But beware of sudden jump! These are no mere statue, the throne are cursed and so is its keeper, it is invulnerable when in its statue form, but become vulnerable when it moves.
Swordmage Bearing the knowledge the unusual magic of utility, this veteran Knight learns the Sword Summmoning aswell as Psychomancy to be his aids on his life.
King Midas Greed of Gold, a power a mortal should not ever have, changing anything even friendlies into nothing but gold.
Soulsforge Swordcaster Souls of a brief candle drivens to the swordcaster, giving it massive power over determination of the soul of his own, a sword, forge in a blue fire that reaks of both soul and calm of mind. Legends told the soul belongs to an unknown dying king last wish to hone his mastery over sword.
Ancestral Conquerer A figure told in ancient folktale as a deity that have similiarity fusion of Fatalis, Dragonborne and Rukyrion. This deity had a passive ability of natural regeneration and great control over energy. Hunters Guild tells a tragic story of how this monster was once a dragon hunter...

Forgotten Communion

A group who sacrifices to the unknown being that lurks on wherein bridge of loss, its hollow path brings nothing but the feeling of unbelonging and supreme pressure of silent melancholy.

Unit Description
Foul Soul With quantity human will prefail, but more is feast to this ever-hungry beast, the more you feed to it, the more reaping it would become. It is rumored that every souls it hits will be it's ration.
Behemoth Wherever this wraith goes, an eruptic fog follows him, pile of bodies left in his wake, if you see a sparks of fire and your eyes blurry ashes, you better pray and start running. Legends tells that the horn of this beast is crystalized pain and the eternal flame inside its mind symbolizes it's authority.
Wretched Emmisary A representatives of the unknown power beyonds the graves and reign over the abyss, being Impenetrable by projectiles, his soul binds by the dark and will forever cursed in void. If you dare to fight it, be sure to make your knee strong enough to defy the temptation to kneel to this ruthless ruler.
Unnamed Peasant A faint human fated to die, victim to war bigger than oneself, formless and forgotten forever. No eye witnesses and no relation to this phantom, but a sinister aura and uncontrollable inhumane power follows this nameless peasant and his unknown motives.

Dark Age

A time during which a civilization decline in total deep madness, where foul is fair and fair is foul.

Unit Description
Rogue No known origins, these hired hitman are going to dispose anyone who is desired to be exterminated undisclosed and personally.
Dead Mourner To care for another more than oneself, this anomaly heals himself and his ally greatly by screaming an eerie chant.
Gravedigger Have resemblance with the vampires, this pale and crazy keeper is capable of turning himself into multiple bats! He could make a whole army if his prey split up in range and not dealt with fast enough.
Headless Horseman Fast and keen, these stumbling fighter is ready to take on those who chase them by feet and challenged them in quick combat.
Bloodwalker Blood, guts and gore resembles the ancient war since the dawn of humanity. This Knight is determined to cuts anyone in his path with the power of a twisted liquid that flows inside living being and use them as their own bane.
Brewer This lady used her young front to looks weak, but with a fatal throw of a contained-weather potion, she brings end to they who dares to disturb her exotic and dangerous practices.

Chaotic Line

Unruliness taken action, leaving ashes and remains of what once left as they show the true anarchy behavior of mankind, the law stricken and the borderline is it's only taboo.

Unit Description
Snakeeye Watch your foot! This girl sends you a special gift, a life mad snake as your pain service!
Bounty Hunter Also known as Eagle eye, this assassin is steady and patience enough to kill those far enough to be unseen. If you think you could get close the gaps to him, think again! His trained vulture disturbs those who are getting nearby its territory and distract you long enough for the Hunter to shot your head clean.
Excavator Some men you just can't reach, He is capable to dig deep into the earth with a crushing force and left a bunch of Bad-O'-Dynamite as your present!
Rumbler Carrying a heavy shooter, that shoots out a mega bomb, which carries it's heat tempered momentum into a blast wall of an ember splash and an ouch!
Helldraw Ready for combat, She has sharp intuition that makes her gunsling and tick-speed draws a dangerous wonder, alongside her shot that provoke heat inside enemy. But that is not her main weapon, her hell dodge is a two-edged sword abilty that could either save her or bring her doom, a true gambling in a war.
Maximus Relentless, simple yet effective strategy, your target didn't died? Just shoot it more until they are full of holes.

Far North

On the furthest reach of the horizon against the dawn, folk tales told of places where titans, monsters, brutes and legends dwell, waiting to be awakened from their deep slumber.

Unit Description
Earl Noble and mighty, This man is the leader of a strong army on the dangerous north. He is capable of intimidate his foes, making them considering stepping back and hold their weapon firmly, and they should've, as his Mythical Ice Flail is powerful and Freeze anyone that it hits.
Glacier Giant Cold, like a corpse, freezing strong winds like a winter and a breeze of those resembles a storm. Ancestor recalls this living mountain statue as the Gods of Bitefrost and Blizzard, lumbering deep, far from the surface of Great Frosted Ocean of the North Pole. It is majestic in acts and prefers to settles things immensely.

Clash Siege

The starter of the devastating war, ruthless, is shown as the fate of the future destined as the extreme pin-point destructor of humanity.

Unit Description
Mongolian Fearless, these warriors fights with bow in packs, brings fighting spirit to team near them and chase their prey relentlessly with their poisonous targeting. Do not underestimate them by getting close to them, or you'll end up taking hits more than you would think.
Excalibur Mastered the technique of Greatsword, this Knight will slash and tear anyone who deny its excellence in sword art.
Guardian Keeping their holy ground, they shines like the sun, healing nearby ally and stays on stead to take on those who tempted to break their mighty territory.


Futuristic Civilization is the combination of human and automation, machine, and algorithm that shows a bright look in front, yet hides a deep dark and hidden secret of wasteland where everything is possible.

Unit Description
Cyberpunk As the rumor said, this quick bandit wander around the alleyway looking for his next victim. Armored with a special and customized metal bat that have 0 drag of gravity, he is capable of blocking projectiles aswell as attacks. But that is not one of the factors that makes him a formidable foe, everytime he gains damage, the damage he dealt increased by 50%!
Dubcore Artillery The noise too much, it would make you bleed, the more people listen to his extreme note, the more it will spread among his enemy.
Ionic Tyrant Goes by the title of Knight, He goes in combat fully equiped using a Portable Lancegun and a Shield, protected with Forcefield that stops low weight projectiles from anyone, and versatility of changing ammo based on enemies distance. He is truly formidable both in Offense and Defense from the unforeseen events.


Various creations and derp ideas. Tiny memories, fading dreams somewhere.

Unit Description
Drunken Master Mild headache and alcoholics tendencies, very brave yet soon to fall, this man would charge at you like a wild animal. But beware, even though he strong, the longer he is in combat, the more confused and sillier he become.

Secret Addition

A secret between us only.

Unit Description
Eastwood The name itself is widely known, a once wanderer of the Wild West. His trusty revolver, also known as "Colt Peacemaker", accompanies him in the test of time. Having tendencies to duel, his enemies mostly respect it and face him in a solo standoff.

Having ranged advantage is not his only specialties, indicated by his ever-increasing experience shown by the markdown, his true power comes from his hard-taught skill to predicting bullet's ricochet to make his bullet never miss the target, fierce and piercing like his cold dead eye, just like what legends told...

Credits 💻

This mod (EXPANSIONARY), is a mod created by me, Geezt Jeez. with the huge amount of help and tutoring from FhpSlime and MidnightCow, with part of codes from Old Mods. The unit balance is managed by Googly Eyes. Units additions and details overalls are designed by me.

Icons made specifically for this mod for Factions and Units are by HambodyKydz using Photoshop.

If anyone wanted to ask anything related, ask me through DM in Discord, my tag:

Geezt Jeez#1458

This mod is made possible with the use of SLMACore and FhpSlm from FhpSlime.

NOTE: If you are recording a TABS video for Youtube or else using this mod, please link it in your Video descriptions and notified me, giving a credit to this mod would also credits me and my helper and friends efforts on making this mod possible. Thank you! 😄

Have fun!

Changelogs 🎁


We reached the 20th Expansionary update and 25k+ downloads, that is supremely fantastic!

Thanks for staying with Expansionary and see you in long next time! 🤠

  • All Icons is now customized icons and have been improved to remove blurriness by changing the filter to Point instead of Bilinear. (Thanks very much to HambodyKidz for making the sprites and telling me this tips).
  • New Factions: Dark Age.
  • Optimized every distanced based ability like Mongolian projectile amount change or Thronekeeper jumpscare to not be laggy.
  • Ionic Tyrant's force field is now more transparent and his Ionized Plasma Laser now has 2.5 seconds cooldown instead of 1.4 seconds.
  • Earl's intimidation AoE now has a slight knockback.
  • Improved the look of Ancestral Conquerer's base and some explosion.
  • Increased a bit of health for Ancestral Conquerer, and fixed a bug where it doesn't do the Thunderstrike ability because unit health is above 3000, and now caused the enemy to stop attacking for 4 seconds, and fixed where his Trail thunder explosion radius is too big.
  • The Energy Overdrive effect from Ancestral Conquerer now has the capability of making anyone who is on its effect have their attack speed decreased by 75%.
  • Faster World ability from Ancestral Conquerer has been removed and is scrapped for another unit instead.
  • Vulcan Imperator's chain is now have gravity.
  • Some units is moved to the new Faction and planned to fill other factions that seems a little bit empty (Clash Siege, Forgotten Communion, Far North, and Experiment).
  • Eastwood has been moved to Wild West faction and no longer a secret. (I will still plan him to be hidden but until then, I guess I'll remove the restrain since noone has found him), aswell as revamping all about him(Abilities, Clothing, Custom Unit Base)
  • Improved some writing on units descriptions.



  • New Factions: Dystopian.
  • New Units: Ancestral Conquerer, Thronekeeper, Earl, Cyberpunks, Ionic Tyrant.
  • Improved Brewer, Vulcan Imperator, Snakeeye, Behemoth, Wretched Emmisary and Helldraw.
  • Vulcan Imperator now has improved fire portal particles, and his Vulcan dash speed is greatly increased.
  • Brewer now has custom explosions instead of premade ones and now, instead of just black particles for her ultimate, it is rainbow-colored.
  • Snakeeye now has Snakes ammo in her back.
  • Helldraw's clothing has been improved and she is now more stabilized and attacks more.
  • All fog ability has been optimized and changed.
  • Removed Projectile Pass ability from Behemoth.
  • Increased Guardian AoE heal.
  • Fixed Soulforge Swordcaster explosion to be bigger than expected.
  • Druid's visual has been fixed (No more blue particles), and also added custom vacuum explosion for Druid.
  • Buffed Gravedigger by making Torch weapon only harm enemies, increase amount of bat spawned and health amount a little.
  • Fixed the bugs for all Distance-based abilities to be more precise (Example: Mongol's projectile amount based on distance).
  • Moved Headless Horseman from Clash Siege to the Primeval Kingdom and Dubcore Artillery faction to Dystopian.
  • Maximus's cost has been decreased to 6000, as well as changed his shirt to dusty.
  • Generated ID for every item created (150+ IDs: Unit Bases, Weapons, Clothing, etc) MANUALLY so it is compatible with UC.
  • UC Compatibility for all items, making them capable of being saved.


  • Experiment factions are now emptied of their old units and added a new Unit: Drunken Master.
  • New Factions: Primeval Kingdom, Far North.
  • Renamed Warmonger to Clash Siege.
  • Fixed Guardian sword being Neon Green instead of Neon Yellow.
  • Voidmaster name is changed into Wretched Emissary.
  • Mongolian now shoots 1 arrow when far away, and 3 when in close range, Vulcan Imperator now has Flaming Chase ability, and Excalibur now can create a Heavenly Slash effect.
  • Conjurer has been moved to Great Forest faction.
  • Changed Swordmage amount of Mordul sword to 30 instead of 24
  • The tornado size of Glacier Giant has been drastically increased and changed the visual design.
  • Edited the effect of Ghoul's spike into a tree.
  • Balanced Conjurer, Bounty Hunter, Maximus, Rogue, Titanoboa.
  • Increased Glacier Giant size.
  • Changed Debter Pain chain design for Vulcan Imperator.
  • Added props for Glacier Giant which is a whole boat and for Excalibur, changed his helmet design.
  • Gravebat's bloodlust eye has been transferred unto Bloodwalker.
  • Unnamed Peasant mad trail is now fully invisible (No more gray indicator) and added more particles for him.
  • Soulforge Swordcaster now has improved visual design.
  • Bounty Hunter's vulture is now released on a longer range.
  • Revamped Gravedigger's ability to be more certain instead of a gamble, but I didn't remove the gambling feature entirely. Now, instead of summoning Vampires or Skeleton Warrior, he summons Dead Villagers, which have randomized weaponry, and occasionally, 1/5 Chance, one of the villagers wields a Torch weapon (This took so long for me to figure out, bruh).


  • The additions table now has new units in the tables.


  • Fixed Unnamed Peasant effect overlap in freezing effect.
  • Dubcore Artillery has been moved to the Warmonger faction.
  • 4 in total new Units: Bounty Hunter, Gravedigger, Totem, Conjurer"
  • Added 1 more unit to Forgotten Communion: Gravedigger
  • Added 1 more unit to Chaotic Line: Bounty Hunter
  • Added 2 more units to Tropical: Totem, Conjurer
  • Changed Excavator weapon particle trail on his shovel force point instead of hand and improved Behemoth fire saber.
  • Moved Behemoth's eye drag ability to Gravedigger bats.
  • Balancing on Elven, making him more powerful and increasing mobility, also turned down his cost to 80 instead of 120.
  • Increased Voidmaster projectile amount and changed his Undying weapon, Fisherman pull force, Excavator health and Foul Soul life-steal.
  • Decreased Rogue health and Foul Soul damage.
  • Most of the Expansionary units that used Wings (Bugs, Grave Bats, Vulture) now have customized wing flap speed.
  • Changed Swordmage amount of Mordul sword to 24 instead of 18
  • The sun shines brighter in Wild West.


  • Added an invisible golem base for Flumph.
  • Unnamed Peasant now uses his new ability as an attack instead of Soul Reaping, which is scrapped for another unit instead.
  • Fixed bug where Unnamed Peasant still has collision.
  • Glacier Giant now punches and has bigger raw power.
  • King Midas's abilities (Crown Spike and Gold Rush Shockwave) have been removed and are kept for another unit. But in equivalent exchange, He's buffed in health, offense and walk speed.
  • Added small details to Midas if a low projectile hits him, it turns into gold.
  • King Midas and Soulforge Swordcaster unit cost has been reduced.
  • Explosions from Maximus are now transformed into Druid, and more customized and revisioned.
  • Improved Glacier Giant and Unnamed Peasant cost and gameplay.
  • Some new Sprites by HambodyKydz.
  • Improved Guardian Design and changed ability from Holy Slash to Holy Heal.
  • Nerfed Titanoboa, Vulcan Imperator, Foul Soul, etc.
  • Buffed Rogue, Guardian, Voidmaster, etc.
  • Decreased Dubcore Artillery noise.
  • Changed Maximus Aim particle size and projectile knockback, also decreased his health.
  • Changed Great Forest Faction sprite.
  • Revamped Forest Archer and Bug Fanatic to work more properly.
  • Improved Druid and King Midas stoning effect to have customized material.
  • The seal has been destroyed somewhere.


  • Some grammatical errors fix.
  • All Faction IDs are now changed.


  • Removed title in Additions and changed some Descriptions.
  • Added Snakeeye, Dubcore Artillery, and Maximus to Chaotic Line
  • Added Titanoboa, Vulcan Imperator to Tropical
  • Added Dead Mourner, to Forgotten Communion
  • Added Excalibur to Warmonger
  • Added Glacier Giant, Swordmage, and Unnamed Peasant to Experiment
  • Fixed a grammatical error on Descriptions.
  • Changed Druid designs, Improved Succubus Eye, and Improved Ghoul skin, also changed Guardian light intensity.
  • Changed and added extra abilities to Guardian, improved Ghoul ray and more offense on Foul Soul.
  • Unit name changes from Clint Eastwood, Siren, Sentinel, and Paladin to Eastwood, Succubus, Bloodwalker, and Guardian
  • Unit name changed back from Soul Tyrant to Foul Soul
  • Nerf and Buff on Rogue, Forest Archer, Ghoul, Bug Fanatic, Bloodwalker, Guardian, Soulforge Swordcaster, and others.
  • (Planned a custom ability for Clint Eastwood for the next update, so I hid him in a special place somewhere if anyone wants to unlock him for now)


  • Fixed mysterious bugs.


  • Fixed Chaotic Line not having custom icons for units.
  • Cost of Voidmaster from 40000 turned into 10000, changed because it fits more.


🎉 10th Update Milestone! 🎉


  • Introducing a new Faction called Experiment! For now, it has 5 units(Clint Eastwood, Soulsforge Swordcaster, King Midas, Siren, and Sentinel), this faction is going to be all the ideas that don't seem to fit in any current theme but interesting units.
  • Added a secret unit to the secret faction.
  • More custom icons! This time, Eastwood is by me :)
  • Removed the Candlepush effect from Druid's attack, but increased the projectiles spawned from 3 to 6 on each hand, and added a spread value of 1.5.
  • Bug Fanatic Improvement: Fixed Bugs wings color is Valkyrie color instead of Jungle Themed, Bugs also died on 100 seconds now instead of 5 seconds, but now the bug is spawned per original times 1.5 cooldown.
  • Voidmaster appearances and weapons are changed.
  • The cost of Voidmaster from 100000 turned to 40000.
  • Credits are now put above the Changelogs


  • Fixed bugs where Ice Effect VFX becomes black (collide materials with Voidmaster)
  • A fix of nerfing and buff to some units that is too much on the previous update. (Behemoth, Ghoul, Forest Archer, Soul Tyrant, Rogue, and Templar)
  • Phantoms / Ghost unit which is *Behemoth, Druid can pass through light projectiles, while Dread like Voidmaster can pass through anything(heavy projectiles and arrow, light projectiles, also can clip into the wall as long as the sword doesn't hold him back, and can go into the ground and resurface back with charge attack)! Please mind that unit Headless Horseman and unit Headless Rider will not have the ability to pass through light projectiles even though they are specter is because of balance reasons, they are already fast enough against range unit.
  • Headless Horse is not so headless anymore, is redesigned to be matched designs with Headless Rider.


  • Changed name from Unnamed Peasant and Templar to Voidmaster and Paladin
  • Added 1 more custom ability to Paladin.
  • Revamped some descriptions and others detail.
  • Added more clothing to Voidmaster


  • Updated the Dlls which isn't updated before (whoops)


  • Added more units to all current factions. (Bug Fanatic, Elven, Forest Archer, Druid, Unnamed Peasant, Rumbler, Rogue, Headless Horseman, and Templar)
  • Changed addition units and factions description.
  • Dead Line and Chaotic factions are now combined into one faction, which is now named Chaotic Line.
  • Renamed from Foul Soul to Soul Tyrant.
  • Buffing some units and Nerfs some units.


  • "Eppansionary" changed into "Expansionary", fixed text pronunciation ._.


  • IMPORTANT UPDATE INFO (Delete your SLMACore and install the one from the ThunderStore, use that SLMACore, do not use that is gotten from an old version or other mod).
  • Fixed mod to be compatible with r2ModMan by integrating icons directly into the mod.
  • Fixed Vocal not working properly + Invalid pitch.
  • Changed name from Mongol and Fishermen to Mongolian and Fisherman.
  • Nerfed and Buffed all Factions (changed Ghoul to be a tanky yet less attack, Helldraw damage and cost, etc).
  • Changed some unit addition descriptions (Fisherman, Chaotic, Wayang, Mongolian, Behemoth and Great Forest).


  • Added Great Forest, Dead Line, Warmonger, and Chaotic faction
  • Added custom icon for both Tropical and Forgotten Communion
  • Balanced Fiery Explosion and Fire Arena on Fire Potion by Brewer throw
  • Positioned the Faction so it is near to its closest theme


  • Fixed Fisherman being nullified and naked (not intentional oops)


  • Fixed VocalRef issue that caused mod becomes unplayable (oops)


  • Added Tropical, and Forgotten Communion faction

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