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Adding additional units to the Medieval faction!

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BepInEx pack for TABS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

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Preferred version: 1.1.3


Medieval Plus

Adding a few more units to the medieval faction! This mod was based on an old mod that is ported to the latest TABS version. Sadly, only a small amount of units and features are ported for easier porting, planned on fully porting in the future. Some units that are not from the original Medieval++ were just an extra addition.

Currently, all of the items from this mod are not U-compatible, so beware! Join TABS Mod Center if there are suggestions, issues, and bugs!

Additions 📝

Unit Description
Pavise Crossbowman Crossbowmen armed with rapid crossbow and equipped with a large, portable shield on his back called a "pavise" which they could use for cover while reloading.
Winged Hussar Elite cavalry units, known for their distinctive large wings attached to their backs, utilized as psychological warfare and as a symbol of status. They aim their lance upwards and brings it down when enemies are in range.
Subjugator An overthrown barbaric and brutal warrior known for its prowess and strength in battlefield, fully equipped with longsword that inflicts bleeding, and a Titan Shield, which have attribute to deflects arrows alike and increase his max health by 50% of the damage sustained in the projectile. A slow but suspenseful aura surrounds this knight, a being hellbent for absolute destruction and endless war. His echoing laughter marks a craze, making him attack faster. To unlock him is to conquer the campaign of challenges.

Credits 💻

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Changelogs 📣


  • Created Medieval Plus mod.

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