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Vanilla TABS units in a whole new light! This mod revamps the combat and movement of all units to better resemble the 2.0 Animation System!

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BepInEx pack for TABS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.16


Vanilla Plus

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has very boring combat. This mod changes weaker units to be more interesting to watch, making all the difference in large-scale battles! Movement has also been tweaked to be a bit floatier, with the walking animation also changed to be more exaggerated!

If you don't know what the 2.0 Animation System is, essentially, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has gone through three animation systems; the first was 1.0, which is used in the alphas released years ago. The second was 2.0, one adored by the community for the combat and floatiness units had.

Unfortunately, it was very poorly coded, so ultimately they remade the animation system once again, which leaves us with the 3.0 Animation System. Although its a massive improvement in many ways, it leaves much to be desired, which is what this mod changes; units are now up to par with what they were like in 2.0.

Below are some clips from the 2.0 Animation System:

If you have trouble with the mod, or if you just want to chat, you can join the TABS Mod Center.

This mod is open source.

How To Use

Upon installation, you will notice numerous vanilla units have been changed, including in the main menu. There are also three new secret units from the 2.0 version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Secret Units

Just like in the Hidden Units mod, you must find these units spread out across the maps.

Unit Location Description
Skewer Thrower Farmer 1 A skewer-wielding farmer that fills up the niche the Spear Thrower left behind after its rework. They will stop at nothing to get a fine unit on their skewers.
Marauder Medieval 2 A tough knight wielding a powerful ball and chain. They are weak to projectiles, but it takes quite the force to stop the swing of their flail.
Nunchucks Dynasty A flipping, spinning, floppy ninja with two nunchucks. They take full advantage at the new movement opportunities the Vanilla+ mod's movement system opens up.

Modified Units

Minor balancing changes may not be noted.

Unit Modification
All wobbler/stiffy units All units in the game with wobbler or skeleton unit bases have been tweaked to be floatier, along with more exaggerated walking animations. This includes giants, and modded unit bases.
Spear Thrower The Spear Thrower has been renamed to the Hunter, and is now a melee unit. In addition, its health has been increased, and it has received an armband.
Squire The Squire's clothes have been changed to better resemble the 2.0 Squire, and it now wields a one-handed sword, which it uses to parry. Its health was also increased.
Archer The Archer now pulls its bow back harder, and its fire rate has been improved as well.
Knight The Knight's shield now presses onto enemy weapons to block attacks, and it swings its sword with more ferocity. It now costs 700.
Catapult The Catapult's fire rate has been improved, as well as its explosion damage and radius. It also deals damage as it rolls, and leaves dust particles.
Hoplite The Hoplite's spear aim has been reworked, as well as minor tweaks to its shield and visual appearance. It now costs 200.
Minotaur The Minotaur has received new weapons, the Minotaur Axes. Its health has been increased as well.
Zeus Zeus can now throw his thunderbolts farther, and throws them half a second faster. They also chain much better, and deal slightly more damage. He now costs 3000.
Brawler The Brawler is more ferocious in how it swings its axe, and blocks with its shield more effectively. It now costs 200.
Jarl The Jarl now swings its axe differently, and its enrage ability has been nerfed to last three seconds. It now costs 1200.
Samurai The Samurai has received new clothing, and its fighting style has been reworked. It also has a dodge, but its health has been reduced. It now costs 150.
Monk The Monk now swings its staff more gracefully and is more agile overall, but has less health.
Monkey King The Monkey King swings its staff more gracefully, and can spawn clones when hitting the ground. Its clones now have a 50% chance of summoning clones of their own. It now costs 3000.
Fencer The Fencer's dodge has been tweaked, and its fighting style has been improved.
Captain The Captain is now taller, and aims its flintlock more effectively. Its sword has received a fighting style rework as well, and its health has been increased. It now costs 1800.
Boxer The Boxer now has a block, and is more effective at taking down stronger units with more health, while much worse at dealing with crowds. In addition, its health has been increased.


The mod's Github is now the only place to view the full changelog.


This mod was created by Team Grad, an ambitious mod team that aims to improve the game through adding a plethora of new content.

BD - Coder, Creator

DoorKnob - Icon Artist


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Available versions

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2022-9-4 1.0.2 508 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-9-4 1.0.1 24 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-9-4 1.0.0 101 Version 1.0.0 Install