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Prancing horses across the prairie! 在草原上策马奔腾!

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BepInEx pack for TABS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.16
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(CORE MOD) Collection of various classes for (mainly mine) mods to use

Preferred version: 1.2.6


Nomads - 游牧民族

A realistic, but not completely realistic, Nomads mod, where players can play with cool units crafted by the designers after the great programmers have been working on it day and night.

一个写实了但没有完全写实的游牧民族MOD, 在经过了超级NB的程序员日夜不停的爆肝后,玩家就可以在这里玩到设计师精心设计的炫酷单位了。

Added 5 new units to the game, along with brand new unit editor items.


Unit Name Description
Footman 步兵 This is a basic unit who can wield a long-handled machete (despite the name, a spear) to attack the enemy / 这是一个基础的单位,他可以挥舞长柄刀,来攻击敌人。
Archer 弓箭手 Another base unit, can shoot a new shape of arrows using a new shape of bow. / 另一个基础单位,可以使用全新造型的弓射击全新造型的箭。
heavy infantry 重步兵 An elite unit that can fight with a scimitar & shield. / 一个精英单位,可以使用弯刀与盾牌进行战斗。
Cavalry 骑兵 Heavily armored, mounted on a warhorse, and armed with a lance. Could there be a more classic cavalry look than this? There isn't, is there? / 身着重甲,骑乘战马,手握长枪。还有比这个更经典的骑兵造型了吗?没有了吧?
Khan 可汗 A nomadic boss unit that can wield a great sword to attack enemies, with the holding position adjusted according to the designer's requirements. / 游牧民族的BOSS单位,可以挥舞巨大的大刀来攻击敌人,根据设计师的要求调整了持握姿势。

Changelog - 更新日志

- 0.0.1:

  • Mod release. - MOD 发布。

Credits 成员:

  • Terren - Coder 程序
  • StarFan_ 老星辰 - Modeler 模型
  • Homey Windigo - Unit Design

Available versions

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