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Wasteland Robots

Create your own strongest machine创造属于你的最强机械

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Wasteland Robots - 废土机械师

This is a world after the great war, and the whole earth has been decayed to nothing but a wasteland. Countless records of pre-war technology has been lost during the Great War, but the dead materials that carries these technology carried on.

These pre-war droids are used in civilian's daily life and keep contributing themselves to human beings' welfare. But whatever humans tried, this is still a deserted wasteland, and droids are decaying through time. Luckily, humans established a new order before everything falls into desperation, and you are a fortunate one who gets protected by one of these strong organization.

This doesn't mean that you can live your day as you wish; you still have a very, or extremely, important mission: design these droids.

Your commander gave you and your team top resource support, and you need to return him with the best combat machine you can create, while you and your team have indeed leaned nearly enough technologies through studying these pre-war droids.

Now, it's time to show your commander what you have gained. Just turn your head outside the city and look at these pathetic, crucial bandits...









The player can change the model of the unit in the unit editor and can choose the weapons, clothing, and skills brought by the mod


Unit Bases Description
Regular Police Machinery (NRM) RPM is a robot that the research team built based on the technologies from the "Marshel No. 78", a pre-war robot. After RPM receives a significant amount of damage, its self-repair system will get overheated and set the surrounding units on fire. RPMs can follow the command from a Marshal No. 78 and use different types of chest-side mounted weapons. They were built to fit team combat.

机器人 介绍
常备警卫机械 团队根据老机械“治安官78号”逆向研究的产物。在生命值地狱一定比例后,排气管会开始冒烟,靠近的单位会被燃烧。可以听从治安官78号的指令,并且佩戴不同效果的侧胸挂,很适合团队协作。

Robot Accessories (Clothing) Description
Police Baton When this baton hits an enemy, it triggers the effect of the Taser weapon, leaving the enemy twitching on the ground.
Eastern 14 Pistol Sword This is a weapon that fails in design, but is hilarious in effect. This weapon jams on average 2~3 shots and has the potential to cause the firing pin to break, causing the gun to be scrapped. Every shot fired increases the chance of jamming by 20%, so the gun can only be fired in bursts of up to 5 times. And each shot has a 5% chance of causing the firing pin to break, turning the weapon into a pure saber.
Sheriff's Arm Shield When away from the enemy, the arm shield will be attached to the chest to protect himself. When the enemy is less than 5 meters away, the flashing light on the shield will turn on, making the enemy as dizzy as if they were hit by the farmer's magic potion (not currently implemented). When fighting close to the enemy, the shield will turn to attack mode and use the tungsten cone head to attack the enemy.
Sheriff's Large Shield Just a large shield that can be held in both hands or in a single hand.

机器人配件(服装) 介绍
背负式警棍 对于普通单位来说,这是一把双手武器。但是对于机器人,这可以作为一把单手武器。击中敌人后,会触发泰瑟武器的效果,让敌人在地上抽搐。
东方十四手枪剑 这是一把设计上很失败,但是效果上很搞笑的武器。 这把武器平均2~3枪就会卡壳,并且有可能造成撞针断裂,导致枪械报废。我想在游戏里保留这些效果,每开一枪都会增加20%的卡壳几率,所以这把枪最多只能连射5次。并且每次开枪都有10%的概率导致撞针断裂,让这把武器变成一个纯粹的军刀。
治安官臂盾 在远离敌人时,臂盾会贴在胸前保护自己。在敌人距离小于5米时,盾牌上的闪光灯将会开启,让敌人像是中了农夫的神奇药水一样晕头转向。(目前没有实现)当与敌人贴身作战时,盾牌会转为攻击模式,使用钨钢锥头攻击敌人。
治安官大盾 只是一个可以双手持握大盾。

Special Accessories Description
Special Upper Arm Armor Armor with its own health value can replace the unit's life value loss, which will become broken when the life value is cleared to zero.
gas injector Gas injectors can spray gas that paralyzes people.

特殊配件 介绍
特殊上臂铠甲 拥有自身血量的盔甲,可以代替单位损失生命值,生命值清零后会变成破损状态。
瓦斯喷射器 可以喷射出让敌人麻痹的喷雾。

Changelog - 更新日志

- 0.0.1:

  • Mod release. - MOD发布。

Credits 成员:

  • BD - Coder 程序
  • StarFan_ 老星辰 - Modeler 模型

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